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Digital Marketing Services Tailored to Your Brand

We elevate your brand’s eCommerce success and drive rapid revenue growth on Amazon, Walmart and beyond.

Whether it’s your brand and products, content strategy, or customer acquisition and retention, our number one goal is always the same — to create an unparalleled experience that keeps your customers coming back and makes you successful. We implement industry-leading practices to shape visibility at the right time, right place.

We provide strategic consulting and managed services to produce customized digital marketing services and a plan that aligns with your unique business needs. We become an extension of your team, a partner that understands your market and goals.

Unlike so many others that use glitz and glamor to close sales and then fail to execute, we build on client relationships and results. We deliver substance, ensuring we maximize your budget, to drive the most return on investment (ROI).


Data Tsunami Has Arrived

Statistical Analysis And Data To Drive Revenue Growth

The usage of statistical analysis and modelling has increased dramatically in digital marketing over the last few decades. Thanks to advances in technology and accessibility of big data, things have changed dramatically for businesses that never previously had that much data and consequently never were that eager to explore new ways to extract knowledge from their data.

We create statistical frameworks and experiments with data spine methodology that can be used for digital marketing, media, and revenue growth.

Adaptive Marketing To Shape Media Buys

Statistical, Data Analysis To Target and Engage More Customers and Drive The Business

Analysis Framework

Our statistical and data analysis comprises methods from data sets and customer touchpoints such as surveys and polls in order to extract meaningful statistics from it. This analysis can be divided into user behavior and audience attributes.

In digital marketing, we mainly use the latter in order to predict the trend of different metrics in
the future. Methods of analysis may be divided into linear and non-linear, and univariate and multivariate, and visualized.

Our framework provides the roadmap to navigate complex decisions quickly.

Market Segmentation

We divide customers into different profiles based on various factors such as consumers, businesses, priorities, demographic information, needs and so on. The technical terms are probabilistic and deterministic. Based on this information, we can implement strategies to provide specific marketing plans for different profiles.

Clustering is a common approach for customer segmentations in which we group a set of objects in the same group which are more similar to each other than other clusters.

Depending on the goals and structure of a business, decision makers have different strategies based on the segmentation analysis.


In marketing, the key question is how to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Most digital advertisers use the last click attribution model to evaluate the success of campaigns. In other words, during the customers’ journey and among different touch points or ads which impressed customers, only the very last event is considered as significant while the others are ignored. This is simple and easily implemented but, in most business cases it doesn’t help in making smart marketing decisions.

We carefully consider other customer touchpoints and assign an appropriate weighting to attribute an event. In turn, ensuring each investment dollar is spent with a purpose and effectiveness.

Our Services

Where to invest, When to invest, How to invest

Our team of “Fortune 500” marketing experts can manage your:

Amazon Listing Optimization

Looking to skyrocket your
listing’s placement to page one on Amazon? Do you want to crush it on Amazon? Optimized listing content is the foundation of success. Our Amazon SEO experts excel at listing optimizations, improving your products’ search result placements and conversion

A+ Content Creation

Looking to make another impact on the Amazon Platform? Want to improve user experience? After optimizing standard listing content, you may look for other ways to improve your Amazon channel. Implementing A+ Content is an excellent next visual step.


Amazon Stores are a customized digital storefront for your brand on the Amazon marketplace. Our designers are experts at designing Amazon brand stores for your listings, and creating branded video content that can be used on both your detail pages and Amazon brand store. These branded stores allow you to list your entire catalog in one location, providing an intuitive shopping experience for consumers and a fantastic asset for other marketing efforts.


Amazon Sponsored Ads

Before you invest into Amazon advertising, you should know that it’s a complicated process. Amazon sponsored products advertising, in particular, should be executed with a well-defined strategic plan and exceptional tactical execution. Every dollar counts.

Many customers have hired us for Amazon PPC services after failed attempts on their own. In the end, they were unprofitable with very little return on investment — then turn to us.

Here’s how our Amazon PPC and Sponsored Products removes guesswork from the equation:

  1. We help you set realistic goals.
  2. We establish a clear strategy that aligns with your unique business needs.
  3. We aim to increase your ROI and decrease your advertising cost of sales (ACoS).
Amazon DSP Ads

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) allows advertisers to programmatically buy ads that display on and off Amazon. Amazon DSP allows you to reach targeted shoppers with display, video, or audio ads across a variety of Amazon-owned properties.

Amazon Coupons & Deals

The Amazon “Today’s Deal” page is the second most-visited page on Amazon, and Amazon Coupons, Lightning Deals call more attention to your products in the search results and make them appear on Amazon’s Coupons page. We help with strategic placement for your goals.

Google Ads
Google Ads are targeted, pay-per-click (PPC) ads that direct relevant shoppers to websites and product listings. As Google continues to invest in its marketplace, Google Shopping, Google ads will play an important role in growing your eCommerce business.
Walmart Ads

Increase visibility and drive conversions with Walmart PPC advertising through Sponsored Products. These ad types are key to capturing market share on the rapidly growing platform using 1. Search In-Grid, 2. Product Carousel, 3. Buy Box.


YouTube Ads

Reach your current prospects with engaging video ads for education and brand lift.

Use behavioral and search data to identify videos your target market watches for new placement discoveries.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads and targeting are one of the most effective marketing methods for scaling your online business and boosting brand awareness.

Marketplace Ads

There are more marketplaces than Amazon and Walmart. We can setup and manage your campaigns all under one roof.

Display & Video Ads

We programmatically buy display and video ads to promote your products, services, or brands. Access exclusive audiences across both Amazon-owned sites and leading publishers’ sites.

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